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The team at Big Tree Electrical embodies a diverse blend of expertise, passion, and dedication, united by a common goal: to deliver exceptional electrical solutions. From the profound industry knowledge and leadership of our Master Electrician and Owner, to the innovative approaches of our Journeyman Electricians and skilled Apprentices, each member brings their unique strengths to the table.


Whether it's pioneering smart home integrations, crafting efficient, sustainable energy solutions, or designing beautiful, functional lighting, our team is driven by the pursuit of excellence. Beyond technical skills, our crew shares a love for community, the great outdoors, and a commitment to family and fellowship.


Together, we're not just powering homes and businesses; we're illuminating a brighter, more connected future for everyone we serve.

Owner - Master Electrician

Forrest Demman

With a passion for learning and a diverse skill set (Red Seal, Master Electrician, and more), I thrive on bringing electrical solutions to life, from sustainable energy to essential lighting. Outside work, I cherish family time and outdoor adventures.

Journeyman Electrician - Electrical Project Manager

Steven Dressel

Bringing 13 years of industrial experience, including leadership roles, I thrive on collaboration and innovation at Big Tree Electrical. Outside work, I’m all about the outdoors—camping, fishing, hiking, and riding my motorcycle, with a side passion for music. Chatting about my kids’ antics always keeps me animated.

Apprentice Electrician - Custom Integrator - Journeyman Carpenter

Adam Orr

At Big Tree, working alongside friends while tackling smart home projects is what I love most. Home life revolves around family, board games, and discussions ranging from theology to music theory.

Apprentice Electrician

Rhys Demman

Passionate about the evolving world of electrical trade, especially new construction and smart technology. Off the clock, I cherish time with my family, enjoying outdoor activities and deep dives into theology, philosophy, and all things geeky.

Owner - Marketing & Social Media Manager

Tashina Demman

Fascinated by the impact of lighting design on functionality and aesthetics, I aim to light up spaces and lives. When away from work, I’m homeschooling, tending to our mini farm, or lifting spirits with music.

The big tree team
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